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TenDot Travel Company Expands Its Family of Industry Experts

October 16, 2023 - Derrick Eells, Founder of TenDot Travel Company and Pat Mueller, PMED, Founder and Principal of P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc., announced P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. will become a member of the TenDot family. TenDot Travel Company, headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a full-service meeting management and incentive house founded in 2005. P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. of Elm Grove, Wisconsin is a full-service incentive house and special event management firm. Launched in 1980, the firm has championed premier corporate travel programs and signature events around the world.

The TenDot team has extensive industry experience and in-depth knowledge of domestic and international travel. P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. brings 43 years of travel and event management expertise together with a network of worldwide connections to complement TenDot’s travel and meeting management services. Together, the firms offer 61 years of experience.

Pat Mueller is an accredited Pandemic Meeting and Event Designer. Her established brand of providing creative excellence and reputation for designing lifelong memorable experiences aligns with TenDot’s distinguished travel services. Her values and focus align seamlessly with the core principles that have underpinned TenDot's tremendous success.

TenDot’s mission is to make every day “A TenDot Day”…When one awakens and chooses to have a positive influence on one’s self, family, company and community – a mission Mueller has embraced throughout her life. Pat will continue as the Principal of P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. when the firm becomes a member of the TenDot family in October. Pat’s Associate, Annette Miller, has announced her retirement in Spring 2024 after 25 years on the executive team. Mueller stated, “I am excited for Annette’s new adventures and thrilled to join forces with TenDot. It offers a great opportunity to ensure a smooth transition in providing premier services to our clients.”

David Carden, President of TenDot, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We are delighted to welcome Pat into the TenDot family. This collaboration brings together over six decades of combined experience in travel and event management and we are confident that this alliance will elevate our services to new heights."

This exciting partnership between TenDot Travel Company and P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. promises to usher in a new era of exceptional travel and event management services, setting a high standard for industry excellence.

For additional information contact:

David Carden at TenDot Travel Company 402.937.4799

Pat Mueller at P.M. Mueller & Associates, Inc. 414.801.1005

Click here for the official press release.

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